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Buildings use around half of the energy produced in industrialized countries, and most of the energy is produced using conventional resources like fossil fuels, nuclear fission, or hydroelectric dams. These sources of energy have a big impact on the environment, and are associated with high levels of pollution.

We are proud to sell products and services that are socially and/or environmentally responsible.

RYU specializes in Renewable Energy solutions and Energy Efficiency/Conservation programs that will help your business/company/corporation achieve the financial results/performance/goals desired, with minimum environmental impact, in affordable ways

What’s Go Green?

Go green is our commitment to a sustainable business model that focus on ways to provide our customers with the most eco-friendly products and services that will help you minimize the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your business/corporation/home. We specialize in energy conservation programs and commercial solar installation.

Energy conservation programs

  • Save Energy Consumption by Retrofit to energy efficient equipment
  • Government funding retrofit incentive for business
  • Save maintaining cost and preserve rising hydro Bills
  • Analysis energy consumption and saves

Commercial Solar Installation

  • Complete power installation of DC and AC electrical grid System
  • AC power distribution System
  • Solar power maintenance and service call